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Make money cooking Make money cooking
You now have the opportunity to make a nice profit. All you have to do is to cook as fast and as good as you can all ...
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Kids Cooking Games

Dress the cracker Dress the cracker
This is a fun game in wich you get to dress the way that you like best a funny creature made out of bread. You have a ...
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New Cooking Games

You can be a chef You can be a chef
The big dream of our character is to become head cheef at the great hotel Grand but in order to get there he has to ...
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Random Cooking Game Restaurant on the ship
Restaurant on the ship You have to prepare and serve the food. You will start with an empty plate but then you will get the list with the ordered ingredients. Pick the ingredients with care and acording to the order, put the them on the plate and then serve. You the time wisely, do not waist a second. After
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