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Cake Cooking

The surprise cake The surprise cake
Is it the birthday of your mother and will will make her the best present ever: a cake just how she likes it, made ...
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Cooking Games for Girls

The restaurant of Romeo The restaurant of Romeo
At Romeo, it is a very apreciated restaurant where you can ony eat good food. You have the responsability to take care ...
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New Cooking Games

Burger Zombie Burger Zombie
Play five unique levels and you will get the chance to travel through the zombie city in strory modfe or just try to ...
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Kids Cooking Games

Dress the cracker Dress the cracker
This is a fun game in wich you get to dress the way that you like best a funny creature made out of bread. You have a ...
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Top Cooking Games
Game Name Times Played
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4. The coolest bartender credits
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6. Chef school credits
7. Cook a birthday cake credits
8. The new manager credits
9. The fun cake credits
10. Decorate the cake credits


Random Cooking Game A hamburger game
A hamburger game Use the ingredients in the order that you are asked to. It is not that simple as it looks because the ingredients keep moving and you will have to catch them.
Friday, 31 Octombrie 2014 Food Cooking games.

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