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Save the restaurant Save the restaurant
This restaurant is a family one and it is quite famous. But because recently a part of the people that have worked here ...
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Cake Cooking

Decorate the cake Decorate the cake
A nice cake cooking game . You have at your disposal a lot of ingredients and ornaments to make a cake that ...
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Barbie Cooking Games

Barbie is making fruit juice Barbie is making fruit juice
Barbie must prepare a delicious fruit juice for all the boys and girls. Everyone has different preferences, so ...
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Random Cooking Game Calories caculator
Calories caculator All you have to do is to set on the plate the rights food that you can pick from the refrigerator in the given time. For a healthy meal, you will have to add only normal amounts of food wihout exagerating not even with a cookie.......
Monday, 24 Noiembrie 2014 Food Cooking games.

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